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Keeping elementary students engaged in Practicing Math is no easy task!

But you don’t need to be alone on this journey.

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Here is one of my most popular freebies: Adding and Subtracting Decimals Activities 5th Grade

Because here, I talk about classroom management, teaching strategies, and activity ideas that you can implement in your classroom now to rock your next math class.

Ditch the overwhelm

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Decimal and Fraction
Color By Number


Color by Number?

Wave goodbye to boredom in your math class using these FUN and engaging Color by Number activities designed to keep your students busy learning.

A Stress Free


Tired of spending hours checking students’ work? Try these Color by Number worksheets that are self-checking!
So your students can get immediate feedback, and you get a break.

What you get…

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals practice activities for your 5th Graders. This bundle has got you covered! It includes worksheets for all these topics in an All-in-one activity package.

Happy Students, Happy Teacher!

Did you ever wish for a way to keep your students happy and engaged in math?
Watch your student’s faces light up as they learn Fraction and Decimal simplification using these super FUN Color By Number activities.

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